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  • Bookkeeping


    • Administration services and consulting
      Bookkeeping and accountancy services


    • Advice and support in the processes of economic planning, financial
      budgeting, elaboration of estate and business plans

    • Advice and assistance in the processes of strategy planning, reorganization
      and development of systems of directional control in financial matters

    • Advice and assistance for companies in difficulty, analysis of the situation
      of crisis, elaboration of programs of recovery, voluntary winding-up

  • Fiscal Consulting

    • Assistance for business and personal tax

    • Fiscal declarations

    • Relationships with public authorities and on-line services

  • Corporate Consulting

    • Assistance for the setting-up of new companies

    • Financial reports and budget preparation

    • Extraordinary corporate operations, such as interventions on the
      capital stock, ransformations, mergers, spin-off operations,
      underwritings, transfer of holdings etc

    • Study and advice for the negotiation and drawing-up of contracts
      of any kind, from company agreements to commercial ones

  • Employment Consulting

    • Management of ordinary and mandatory employment, and fulfilment
      of all fiscal and contributory procedures connected to employees

    • Advice and assistance during the recruiting phase and evaluation
      of cost parameters

    • Payroll services

    • Preparation of personnel budgets, assistance in the management of
      working relationship with standard employees and atypical forms of

    • Advice and assistance in the phase of contract negotiations and in the
      management of conciliation procedures

    • Assistance and management of business crises, and in the management
      of labour dispute with unions or individuals

    • Conciliation procedures at the regional office of
      employment or at the Social security office and other public authorities

    • Advice on social security matters

    • Online procedures of payroll, and other current services

  • Legal Advice


    • Drawing-up and assistance on typical and atypical forms of contracts

    • Intimations, letters, appeals, memoirs, expose╠üs

    • Assistance in procedures of arbitration


    • Assistance and advice for the correct and effective application of labour

    • Extra-judicial assistance in disputes on work matters (labour disputes and
      controversies in front of provincial or regional labour offices) and
      assistance in front of Courts


    • Assistance in pre-litigation phase

    • Tax litigation advice and assistance in all trial levels


    • Study and advice for the negotiation and drawing-up of contracts of
      any kind, from company agreements to commercial ones

    • Assistance and legal advice on bank law, bankruptcy law (support to the
      companies in a situation of crisis or in restructuring procedures)


    • In and out of court actions for debt collection, executive procedures
      on real estates or on goods

    • In and out of court assistance in controversies for claim for damages
      from contractual liability and tort claim

    • Assistance and advice in family law (procedures of
      separation, divorce or inheritance)

    • Assistance and advice in property law and in rem jurisdiction (preparation
      of lease contracts, commercial and private ones, eviction procedures)


    • Drafting of complaints, lawsuits etc

    • Civil lawsuits entering

    • Corporate criminal law

  • Interactive Accounting